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Part 1. Quick Note
1. Files and Projects
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1. Files and Projectspath
1. Files and Projects

After registration, Pixso will create a default team for you, or you can create as many teams as you like. Notice that your files and projects will be stored in the cloud by default.

(1). File Operations

The file operations you can perform include:

  • Open file: Directly jump to the selected file on the current page.
  • Open in a new tab: Open the selected file in a new Tab.
  • Move file: Move the selected file to your team project.
  • Share file: Share files using links and set file access permissions.
  • Copy link: Copy the share link of the selected file.
  • Create a copy: Create a copy of the file in the same location.
  • Rename file: Change the name of a file.
  • Move files to recycle bin: Move unwanted files to "Recycle bin".

(2). File Locations

  • Recently opened: Show files according to the order you have most recently opened or accessed, including files created by other members.
  • Draft: Here is your personal space, where you can create any number of files and edit. You can also invite collaborators to edit these files.
  • Recycle bin: Display your recently deleted personal and team files. You can delete or restore files in bulk.

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