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Pixso Whiteboard provides a one-stop solution for the whole product workflow

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Meet User Needs in Different Scenarios
Product Manager

Use Pixso Whiteboard to review requirements, plan product, sort out product structure, and track product progress.

Product Designer

Directly paste high-quality case images, resize and adjust the placement of them based on needs, accumulate rich materials and establish an exclusive resource library to get inspired.

Team Collaboraion

Enjoy browser-based cloud collaboration, one-click link sharing and real-time content co-creation. Everything is presented in one space to improve the teamwork efficiency.

Collaborate Efficiently and Effectively on Pixso Whiteboard
Creative Tools
Pixso Whiteboard support using paint brushes, erasers, connecting lines and basic graphics, combining various text, graphics, mind maps, notes, hyperlinks and so on, to unleash your potentials.
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Infinite Whiteboard
Infinite canvas bears your non-stop flow of inspiration. Pixso Whiteboard enables multiple people to edit online in real time, allowing team members to organize ideas and thus stimulate team creativity.
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Massive Templates
Pixso Whiteboard presets exquisite diagram templates, covering the user journey map, user portrait, product analysis diagram, mind map and other common diagrams of product managers and designers. With all of them, team efficiency can be fully improved.
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Remote Collaboration
Pixso Whiteboard supports access to Zoom for remote real-time presentation. Participants can follow the pace of the conference by the presenter's cursor, online comments and feedback. All needs of remote communication can be easily satisfied.
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Interactive Emojis
Give a like to others' ideas
Quickly locate whiteboard files
A must-have gadget for meetings
Cloud Synchronization
Synchronize all content online
Our Service
Our Service
Private Deployment Deploy Pixso into team workflow to effectively improve the work efficiency of product, design, development and maintenance, by which the enterprise management costs will be greatly reduced.
More Solutions
Prototype Design Pixso presets prototype and page design materials, supports to add page interaction and play prototype. In this way, users can easily draw high-fidelity prototype and simulate the final form of products.
UI Design Pixso provides auto layout, component variation, and other powerful design features that UI designers need to unlock a new level of UI design.
UX Design Pixso's professional UX design tools enable users to turn ideas into products faster by creating interactive processes and demonstrating interactive animation.

Design Smoothly and Work Effciently with Pixso

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