BOYUN - Provide a New and Collaborative Way of Working

Who Are We

We are BOYUN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, a new and dynamic company that commits to offering solutions to people around the world. Our core product is called Pixso, a platform that integrates collaborative design features and online whiteboards.

We are a passionate and creative team

In the wave of digital transformation, we keep advancing and devote ourselves to provide companies with well-run digital products, and help them build a systematic, collaborative and efficient way of working.

We're a company with various thinkers and doers

Our founding team bring years of industry experience of collaborative work. They bring practical application to big dreams, and have developed the powerful graphic design algorithms and real-time collaboration technologies that are behind our products.

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Our Product

Pixso - The Collaborative Design Tool

Pixso can handle every step of the product design workflow, from prototyping, design, to delivery. It has earned its reputation as a leading platform for its powerful multi-user collaboration, real-time cloud synchronization, draining and markup features.

Besides design features, Pixso also offers various whiteboards to boost work efficiency. Developed for people in different industries, Pixso Whiteboard aims to free imagination, spark inspiration and simplify creation and thinking process.

Pixso——Our Design Collaboration Tool

Address: Room 1204, San Toi Building,137-139 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong