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pen tool
Smart Pen Tool

Vector grids created by Pixso pen tool can be bifurcated in different directions, which enables the UI designer to easily make multilateral arcs and pie charts.

vector shape tool
Handy Vector Shape Tool

Easily draw five common vector shapes like rectangles, straight lines, ellipses, polygons, and stars, directly on the canvas.

mask tool
Powerful Mask Tool

When designing complex graphics, designers can use the mask tool to combine layers and show a particular area.

ui pen tool
Auto Layout for Responsive Design
auto layout
Auto Layout
Auto Layout

Adding any layer or object to the auto layout framework can create responsive and dynamic distributions. In this way, designers don't need to manualy adjust the size time and again.

Component Variants
Component Variants

Vector grids can be drawed to any direction, requiring no merges or connections to the original points of the path.

Custom Styles
Custom Styles

Customize fonts, colors, effects and the auto layout to create a fixed component style. When changing the main style, all other layers are automatically synchronized.

Boolean Operation
Boolean Operation

Design complex graphics using the 5 combinations of Boolean operations - unit, subtract top, intersect, substract, and split paths.

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Promote Team Efficiency and Consistency
create team
Team Management

Based on the assignment of team tasks, administrators can invite, view, delete as well as restore project members, and share team work pages.

realtime work
Real-time Collaboration

Multiple designers can collaborate on the same canvas or project, and changes can be updated online in real time. No need for the complicated file transfer and version updates.

online comment
Online Comment

Team members can comment directly on the design. The quick feedback makes it easy to brainstorm and review remotely.

resource library
Team Resource Library

Team members can publish styles and components to the team library, allowing others to quickly reuse these resources and ensure visual uniformity.

team efficient
Seamless Delivery to Developers
img export
Export Slices

Pixso supports to export multiples of PNG, SVG, and other formats in batches, without the need of manual slicing.

copy code
View Codes

All design information can be converted into codes, which can be viewed and copied by developers directly.

Add Comments

Commenting on certain places makes it easier for developers to know the product details.

More Features

Satisfy a wide range of needs like mobile design, web design, icon design, illustration design, wireframe design and more. Use Pixso for smooth working experience.

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more functions
File Compatibility

Support the import and export of Sketh, XD and SVG files. Pixso makes it easy to convert Sketch files freely.

smart select
Smart Selection

When there are multiple objects to be aligned, smart selection can be used to evenly arrange selected layers into rows and columns.

local font
Support Local Fonts

Pixso presets dozens of fonts for free usage. Designers can also upload local fonts to the font library.

import image
Batch Export/Import

When there are multiple images in the design file, batch import/export function can be used to boost efficiency.

history version
Version History

Users can create and name a new file version in the editor. All historical versions can be retrieved based on the timeline.

Access Permissions

The file owner can set viewer or editor permission on a sharing file. Enterprise users have more flexible access permissions.

visitor mode
Guest Mode

Visitor is a temporary role in a certain file. They can view a file without registrating the Pixso account via the sharing link.

file cover
File Thumbnail

Pixso will take the first page of a file as thumbnail by default. Users can create any layer as the thumbnail.

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